Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cosmology – Paintings by Marina Malvada

Explosion Time! (and I)
48 x 60 acrylic on masonite
 Last month, I had my first exhibition at Carriageway Studios in (my adorable, newly adopted hometown of) Almonte, Ontario.
Carriageway Studios is a charming meeting place with artists'studios, a gallery, and epicurean delights from North Market. For those of you who couldn't be there in person, here's a quasi-virtual version of the show:

 This was my ‘Hello World’ exhibition to introduce my work to new friends and fellow creatives in downtown Almonte.
 All of these works except for ‘Sister Planet 
Sister Planet
18 x 30 acrylic on wood
and ‘Explosion Time!’ were completed in my previous studio in Montreal, between the years 2013 and 2015. Looking back on where I was then and where I am now, their symbolism has only gotten deeper.

 The exhibition is divided into two segments. Space Scapes is an ongoing series expressing the beauty of celestial bodies, both known and unknown. Tiny particles of metal and minerals are incorporated through action-painterly processes that harness the laws of physics and produce geological analogies.
Imminent on the left incorporates acrylic
and clay from Algonquin Township.
Kostabi has gold-coated titanium particles.
 Tethered Souls is a subset of my planetary paintings in which tiny astronauts act as gestural metaphors for deep or heightened emotional states that are felt at important moments in all of our lives.  At first glance, they have a certain whimsy, which initially draws curiosity and the false promise of easy interpretation. But reflective viewers may find themselves reconnecting to past feelings once forgotten. 
Detail from 'Harvest'
This piece speaks about experiences
from which we gain in some way. 
If there is consciousness after death, I'd love to take the time and soar throughout our solar system, reveling in it’s diverse and incredible beauty. It was an honour and a pleasure to share this sentiment with so many Earthlings of the Ottawa Valley!
"Bye for now."(another detail from 'Harvest')

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