Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Autumn at Moniker Gallery

'Le-O-Lam' by Marina Malvada (me!)
What a creepy-cool poster!
August to November 2013 was an exciting season at Moniker Gallery in Toronto's Fashion District. Last week, there was the Moniker Gallery Exhibition Series 6 - FINALE. You can see one of my pieces on the left here. Back in August, there was the spooky-cool 'Dark Arts' show, and the appropriately timed 'Dark Arts II' on Halloween. This month, there's going to be a really great lineup of non representational work at the ABSTRACTION show. I'm contributing at least 2 pieces to this one! Of course, the fun will continue throughout 2014, so I suggest you all like Moniker Gallery and come out, have a drink and enjoy some amazing art!

I think someone was taking off his pants

I want those teensy baroque meat sculptures!

Moi, avec mon oeuvre, 'Jesus Fucking Christ!'
Michelle, owner of Moniker Gallery, and me havin' a laugh.

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