Sunday, January 5, 2014

Highlights from Gallery Hittite

Last November, I had the wonderful opportunity of a solo 
show at the prestigious Gallery Hittite in Yorkville, Toronto.
I had a fantastic time, sold a few pieces and reconnected with friends. I also made several new friends.
Here are some of the highlights:

The invitation, featuring a detail of
the geologically inspired,
 '100 Million Years'
The poster featured a piece entitled, 'Hound's Tooth'
Some of the smallest paintings I've ever done.

I hadn't seen my friend Dev in ages!
Michelle Bylow and DJ Nicodemus Natas Exto
Discussing colour, form and Scottish geography with school chum, Kit McAllister

All smiles and giggles with Sean 'Synkro' Murray.
The lovely Bella, and the dashing Bhat!

I served up one of my famous Chocolate Skulls.

Vik and Sean are amazed at the deliciousness of the skull.
Now you're both cannibals!

Discussing the symbols and textures of  'Royaume Sacre'.

Good times with fellow artist, Piera Pugliese

Aww, how sweet! This is me  with the talented and very cool photographer,
Daniel Anaka

They call me 'Malvada Roja'!
Left to right, Colin Lyle, Marina Malvada, Beth Jones, Carl Brunet, and Bhat Boy.

Teeny tiny purple "microdot"paintings.
I'm hangin 'with Matt Green! How cool is that?

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