Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Artist Project 2017 Chapter 2 - The Setup.

A very small portion of the
showroom floor.
construction zone.
After a very pleasant train ride into Toronto, I met my friends Clara and Piera for a lovely dinner at Piera's restaurant, Vesuvio in The Junction.

The following day, I went down to The Better Living Centre to hang my paintings in my booth. About 5 hours later, I had a pretty sweet-looking arrangement of planetary artwork.

My booth at the head of a very long
line of artists.
The setup process went quite smoothly, which was a relief because I didn't have an assistant this time. Also, I was lucky to be given a coveted corner booth, where I could show off, 'Explosion Time!', one of my largest paintings, (4 x 5 ft). The walls were 11 ft high and the inside of the booth is 5 x 10 ft.
I'm tired, but happy.
This is where I was to spend 5 hours on Thursday night, 11 hours on Friday, 9 hours on Saturday, and finally, 7 hours on Sunday, not including the few hours of pack up on Sunday night. It's a bit like being a specimen in a zoo. People walk by, look, and ask questions. I literally spoke with several thousand people!

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